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To-shin do, martial arts students who learn practical self-defense. Adult self-protection, support, camaraderie.


Practical Self Defense

People Who Study At

Quest Self-Defense Reap Significant Benefits


We offer classes for adults, and youth. Our programs focus on intelligent and realistic self-defense as opposed to sport, competition martial arts, or "kiddie karate". Today this is rare in the martial arts world. The popular sport of "cage" fighting requires bigger, stronger, faster and younger. We will teach you to be smarter and trickier, calmer and more in control. 


Our particular martial art is something that anybody (at any age or fitness level) can do. Our classes are fun, empowering, intelligent, and provide a great workout. Whether you want to defend yourself, lose weight, or just have fun, our martial art classes have benefits to offer everyone.

  • Realistic self-defense for everyone

  • Safe, fun, and respectful training

  • Gain confidence, decrease stress and anxiety

  • Shed extra pounds and cultivate positive body image

  • Supportive and encouraging environment 

  • A great functional workout

Adult Self Defense
adult self-defense, martial arts, jujitsu, mma, martial arts


Why Tampa Quest Self Defense?


Staying physically fit; lifelong skills; having a healthier body, mind and spirit; and meeting a new network of friends are just a few reasons to train with us at Quest Self-Defense.


On your first visit to Quest Self-Defense you’ll learn to explore your full potential, discover hidden skills you didn’t even know you had, and find a new and exciting way to be your best. Most importantly, your new self-defense skills will give you more confidence and help keep you and your loved ones safer!

"Everyday Is A New Opportunity To Become a Better

Version Of Ourselves"

self-defense, real self-protection, self-protection, martial arts, jujitsu, mma

Build Physical And Mental Confidence


Sometimes, it can be hard to have faith in your abilities, especially when you’re stressed out

and overworked.


Our martial arts students learn to trust their strength and ability in a challenging environment.


It’s common for adults to struggle with self-esteem as they deal with competitive work environments and overloaded to-do lists.

Studying our martial art is a natural confidence builder. It provides students with a series of achievable goals to pursue – and achieving each one provides a boost of confidence and a sense of achievement.

Adults who study with us learn to search within themselves for their best qualities. They learn to self-motivate and not to worry what others think of them.

Our students learn to feel good about themselves as they master new techniques.

Protect Yourself And Your Family With Our Martial Art


Defending yourself and the family you love is a priority – and for good reason. Money and personal belongings can be replaced, but people cannot. Studying our martial art helps you learn the moves you need to disarm an attacker and keep yourself and your family safe. You’ll carry yourself with strength and confidence when you know you can defend yourself.

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Even when you do find time to hit the gym, regardless of having a schedule that’s full of work, family time, and other obligations, you might be bored by your same old workout. Our martial arts classes focus on building core strength and cardiovascular fitness in a fun, social setting - and they're always fun and motivating!


We offer a wide variety of class times to choose from, including mornings and weekends.


Why not break out of your dull routine and come in and experience the Quest difference?  To see our schedule of convenient class times click here  

Self Defense Fitness



Many adults accept stress as a way of life, whether it comes from their jobs, their families, or other issues. Managing stress is a must since too much stress can lead to high blood pressure and depression, among other things. Working out releases endorphins and helps increase feelings of well-being and positivity. 


All people need an outlet for their worry and anxiety - and our martial arts classes provide it. We'll give you a great functional workout which will help tone and shape muscles all over your body. Regular workouts increase energy and are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our martial arts workouts can help you lose weight steadily. Having a healthier toned body helps increase vitality, confidence and self-esteem.

Community, camaraderie, fun, exercise, empowerment, confidence, self-defense

Tampa Quest Is A Friendly,  

Community Environment


Make Friends While You Challenge Yourself

Finding time to work out and socialize might feel impossible, but what if you combined the two into one activity?


As an adult, making new friends outside of work can be difficult. Taking a class is one way to connect with people who share a common interest. 

While martial arts is not a team sport, our martial arts school is a cooperative community - one where teamwork and support is the rule. 

A friendship that starts inside the studio may end up extending to the outside world. 

 socializing and camaraderie
Empowering Women


Giving Women the Ability to Fight Back 

We are proud to say that we have the highest ranking female master instructor in the world right here at our school.


Here at Quest Self-Defense we believe that a world with stronger women is a better world. Not only is our particular martial art ideal for women (we use an attacker's size and strength against them) our supportive and encouraging environment is designed to help overcome fears, build confidence, and unleash potential.


Master Helen Jotoshi Russo is passionate about sharing the life-changing power of our programs with other women. She has her own story of battling and ultimately rising above oppression, fear and lack of confidence, with the help of our programs. 


Wherever you are in life let us help you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses!

women who train in martia arts
Weapons Training

Weapons Training Program

swords, weaponry, adult self-defense, mma, jujitsu, martial arts, friendship, community

Our combined historic and modern weapons training teaches our students to use anything in their environment as a self-protection tool.

Weapons Training

Weapons programs include historic, modern and improvised weapons training. Historic weapons such as long sword and long staff improve a student’s overall skills through an increased sense of timing, distancing and awareness.


Modern weapons training includes both offensive and defensive knife, handgun retention and disarms as well as bat and club defenses.


Improvised weapons training teaches students how to use literally anything in their environment as a tool of self-protection. 


“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.

What we think we become.” -Buddha

Life Improvment
personal growth, life improvement, community, meditation, life improvement

Mark Sentoshi Russo’s spent many years as a Leadership Development Consultant to many fortune 500 companies. He considers himself a student of the “human condition,” and has lead hundreds of life improvement and personal development seminars and retreats. Master Russo has studied western psychology and has worked with spiritual teachers from all over the world. His down to earth, practical approach to life improvement make him an excellent resource for how to manage challenges throughout our lives as they continue to change, whether it be our work environment, personal relationships, health and wellness. This is why many of our students continue to study with him for decades.

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Beyond developing incredibly effective self-defense skills our goal is to improve our students’ lives in many ways. We want our students to build successful, fulfilling, healthy and enjoyable lives.


Life improvement training ranges from a short meditation in almost every class to focused seminars and special events. You'll learn about mindfulness, skillful communication, stress management, understanding happiness, managing change, increased focus and awareness, and other life improvement skills.


It’s common for adults to struggle with self-esteem and stress as they deal with competitive work environments and overloaded to-do lists. Adults and youth who study our martial art learn to find within themselves their best qualities. They learn to self-motivate, always strive to do their best and not to worry what others think of them.



Sometimes, it can be hard to have faith in your abilities, especially when you’re stressed out and overworked. Students report that they are calmer, more aware, and deal with stress and difficult situations with much better outcomes than ever before.

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