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Mark Sentoshi Russo


The Only 9th Degree To-Shin Do Senior Master Instructor in the World

Martial Arts Master


Mark S. Russo began his Martial Arts training at the age of eight. What began as a childhood fascination evolved into a lifetime passion. Master Mark Sentoshi Russo holds Black Belt teaching licenses in six martial disciplines, and at 9th degree Black Belt is the world's highest rank in his chosen art.


Beyond the physical, true mastery lies in the earnest pursuit of mastering one's self. This balanced approach of body, mind and spirit through martial arts can pave the path to life mastery. It is this pursuit of self-mastery that provides the insight and skill we need to live our lives as an inspiring journey and less as a contentious struggle. 


Master Russo continues to fuel his passion through his own ongoing exploration and by dedicating himself to helping others discover pathways to a richer life experience.



In addition to a Masters Degree in Business Administration Mr. Russo continues with ongoing studies in Transpersonal Psychology/Counseling and Neuropsychology and spends time with teachers of various Asian contemplative traditions whenever possible. 


This has been the focus of Master Russo’s ongoing personal journey and quest for knowledge: our speech and actions are driven by our thoughts. Further, our thoughts and perceptions are informed by our social and cultural filters. This is the human experience. Thus, on various levels of consciousness, our thoughts, speech and actions, are in effect creating what we routinely label our "reality."  Learning how these three components work to shape our lives changes everything. 

Sentoshi is the Dean of the Tampa Quest Center and possesses over 58 years of experience in the martial arts. In addition to his popularity gained through appearances in martial arts films, he has earned teaching licenses in six different martial disciplines.

  • Kasumi-An To-Shin Do, 9th degree Black Belt

    • To-Shin Do Shihan Hombu Representative

    • Awarded title of To Shi “Warrior Knight of the Lightning Bright Blade”

  • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, 5th degree Black Belt Shidoshi

  • Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate, 4th degree Black Belt

  • Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree Black Belt

  • Kempo Jutsu, 1st degree Black Belt

  • Okinawan Kobojutsu, 2nd degree Black Belt

Life Skills & Leadership Coach


Mark Russo designs and delivers retreats and seminar workshops focused on breaking down barriers to skillful communication, relationship management, self-awareness, stress reduction, understanding happiness, and taking control of your life.

Courses include:  Winning With Words, The Art and Science of Skillful Communication; Building a Life You Love, Understanding the Triple Secret; Managing Relationships, Life’s Most Important Skill Set; Embracing Change, Defeating Homeostasis (the nemesis of change).

Sentoshi's 8th Degree Black Belt Celebration

Author of "Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap"

In the world of martial arts he is known as Master Mark Sentoshi Russo. Senior student of world renowned Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes, Master Russo holds the highest rank in the world in his chosen art. What many may not know however is that Mark Sentoshi Russo is also an author. His lifelong quest for a fuller understanding of the human condition has led him to explorations of philosophies both eastern and western. The state of the current human experience compelled him to write “Clearing Away the Crap in My Cap” as a way to laugh at ourselves while we consider the serious implications of the underlying issues.

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