I got so much more from the training than I ever thought possible, not just self defense, but confidence and the ability to advance my career.
— Melissa W.
The best martial arts school I’ve ever seen. They are fantastic people that I love to train with and be around. The focus is on real self-defense and a lot of skills you can use outside of the dojo in your every day life.
— Zach K.
The place I choose to spend my free time.
— Beth M.
Quest Martial Arts is an investment in myself.
— Martin G.
It is more than just a self defense to me. It is a “family” that I come to where I am safe, can be with friends and have a great time while learning the best self-defense.
— J. Hill
I have been training for the last 15 years with my wife and children. It has taught me a lot of confidence both at work and in society. It has been amazing and after 15 years I still keep coming. We all love it. I cannot see myself without this place. It has changed my life.
— Stephane L.
People ask me why I spend 3-4 hours a week at Quest Martial Arts. Aren’t you tired after 8-10 hours of work? I do it because it’s healthy for me and it keeps me young. Sentoshi is a fantastic teacher and talks about the bio-mechanics of the body as we learn. That is important for me as a physical therapist as I teach people movement. I apply this knowledge which I learn at Quest when I am at work and I appreciate every minute I spend here.
— Robert D.
Not only do you get physical training and meditation you also get mental knowledge you can use both in the dojo and in “real” life outside of the dojo.
— Jackson G.
Helps you manage the stress of every day life in a safe training environment with people that very quickly become your friends while learning a very effective way to defend yourself in case of physical violence. I invite you to reconsider what you think martial arts is and come and join us.
— Kristina Q.
Training here has made a difference not only in my physical fitness, but more importantly in the mental training. It has made a difference in my relationships with my family, friends and co-workers.
— Sherman D.
There is no better investment than this one - in myself and how I can be more personally powerful.
— Jim B.
I believe from my heart that this is truly the best place to learn the art of To-Shin Do/Ninjutsu. Sentoshi is the best person in the world to learn from. He takes incredible care about his students and their progress from white belt to 5th degree black belt. I have never seen this level of attention and care from a sensei. You may think that this is just another martial arts school - it isn’t! You may think all schools are about the same - they are not! Do your research. In terms of the most effective martial art in the world it is To-Shin Do/Ninjutsu and in terms of the the best instructor in the world it is Master Russo. This is the school to be in!
— Alex S.