Our approach toward self-defense includes training for the mind, functional fitness for everyday health and well-being, and life improvement philosophies and tools.

Sensible Self Defense

To-Shin Do® is a very effective self-defense system based on the art of Ninjutsu. Rather than today's popular "bigger, stronger, faster" method, we emphasize a smarter approach of using the attacker's body and violent intentions again them.


Life Improvement

Life improvement training ranges from a short meditation in almost every class to seminars and special events. You'll learn about mindfulness, skillful communication, stress management, and increased focus and awareness.


Functional Fitness

Not just fitness for the sake of fitness - we teach functional fitness, which strengthens your core and provides for better health and ease of movement throughout your day in everything you do.

I got so much more from the training than I ever thought possible.
— Melissa W.
They are fantastic people that I love to train with and be around.
— Zach K.

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