To-Shin Do is a contemporary form of Taijutsu – the complete system of self-protection practiced by Japan’s legendary
Ninja Shadow Warriors.

Sensible Self Defense

Our martial art of To-Shin Do® is based on ancient warrior disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese family lineages. At the same time, ours is a very modern approach to handling threats and confrontations likely in our own contemporary culture.

Mark Sentoshi Russo

Senior Master Mark Sentoshi Russo, 8th Degree Black Belt, is the Dean of the Tampa Quest Center and has over 48 years of experience in the martial arts. He is globally recognized, and the senior-most To-Shin Do practitioner under world-renowned grand master Stephen K Hayes, the father of American ninjutsu.

Train online

Not in the Tampa area and still want to train? We have dozens of lessons in unarmed self-defense, modern and classical weapons and mind & body wellness are at your fingertips. For just $25 per month you have unlimited access to dozens of easy-to-follow courses, all taught by the world's highest-ranking To-Shin Do ninja masters.

Our programs for sensible self defense, physical fitness, meditation, and life skills work together to offer you an exciting and healthy lifestyle as you study the To-Shin Do® martial art. 

Mark Sentoshi Russo has been a personal student of Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes. Hear what An-shu Hayes has to say about Sentoshi Russo in this short video.